June 14, 2024


Please note that the Roadmap for the Global Health and Peace Initiative has been revised several times as part of a consultative process. The current draft of the Roadmap (Version 5, dated 25 May 2023) is accessible on the top of this page, and incorporates feedback received during informal consultations carried out ahead of – and during – the Seventy-sixth session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2023. This is the final version that was considered by WHA76 under agenda sub-item 15.3.


This draft Roadmap for the Global Health and Peace Initiative has been developed in response to decision WHA75(24) of the 75th World Health Assembly (2022), which requested that WHO develop, in full consultation with Member States and Observers, and in full collaboration with other organizations of the United Nations system and relevant non-State actors in official relations with WHO, a Roadmap, if any, for the Initiative. 

The Draft Roadmap has gone through several iterations as part of the consultation process. A first and then second draft was prepared in September 2022. The second draft (dated December 2022) incorporated feedback received from Member States and Observers during a first round of consultations carried out in late 2022 and was discussed at the 152nd session of the Executive Board in February 2023. Based on comments by Member States and Observers at the Executive Board meeting, a third draft of the Roadmap was prepared, dated March 2023, and formed the basis for consultations held in March 2023. These consultations led to another revision of the Roadmap, which produced version 4, published in early May 2023. The fifth draft is the most current version of the Roadmap. The text was revised under the leadership of Switzerland on the basis of informal consultations they carried out with other Member States ahead of, and during the Seventy-sixth session of the WHA, between 12 and 25 May 2023.

Seventy-sixth WHA decided to take note of the fifth version of the Roadmap and to request WHO’s Director-General to report on progress made on strengthening the Roadmap, as a living document, through consultations with Member States and observers and other stakeholders, as decided by Member States, to the Seventy-seventh WHA through the 154th session of the Executive Board in 2024, for consideration.

The Roadmap for the Global Health and Peace Initiative aims to provide a framework for the Initiative at global level, defining concepts, establishing principles, setting strategic goals and objectives as well as operational priorities. It also describes the “Health and Peace approach” to programming, which lies at the core of the Global Health and Peace Initiative (GHPI). The GHPI is a global initiative of WHO that aims to enhance the existing links between health (and health interventions) and peace.



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