June 14, 2024

World Health Initiatives

Global Partnerships Allowing for World Health Initiatives Clean Water for Health Project in Peru

World Health Initiatives believes health care is a human right. Through healthcare and education, we not only save lives, but reduce needless suffering for current and future generations to come.”

— Sarah Miller, Founder & Executive Director

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — World Health Initiatives (WHI), an NGO offering Universal health care programs to improve the quality of life for Indigenous, isolated and underserved communities abroad, announces its platform of services to underserved communities with the help of global partners.

WHI exists to provide global healthcare services to those living in underdeveloped countries who have difficulty or don’t have any access to basic health care. WHI works actively with local communities and medical staff to preserve, help support and manage health care from children’s health and nutrition upward to families and adults suffering from the lack of medical attention. Along with health care, WHI’s educational programs are also built to help supplement medical care concentrating on specific health factors plaguing each respected community. The NGO is currently focused on delivering and establishing health care aimed at different areas in Peru, with the current communities they serve living in the Andes, Amazon, and Lima regions, targeting over 6 million individuals who lack primary healthcare.

In addition, World Health Initiatives has launched its Clean Water for Health program with global water partners to include Sawyer and Seychelles to help eliminate 99.9% of contaminants by installing water pumps and filters along with clean water sources to those who currently have no access to clean water. Peru ranks one of the 3rd largest countries in the world without access to clean water which makes the Clean Water for Health program critical to health care in Peru.

“World Health Initiatives strongly believes health care is a human right. Through our method of intersecting healthcare and education, we not only save lives, but promote healthier lifestyles and reduce needless suffering for current and future generations.” says Sarah Miller, Founder & Executive Director of World Health Initiatives, Inc.” Bringing Global Partners on board will help World Health Initiatives’ programs and services act as the platform on which WHI plans to help save more lives with health care and clean water, starting with Peru as we expand globally.”

Healthcare Services Provided by WHI Include:
● Field Medical Teams – Created to bridge the gap between isolated communities and the help they need. WHI FMT’s, consist of teams of doctors and nurses who visit each village or community on a continuing basis, evaluating individual health and facilitating medical attention ensuring they can most effectively combat problems specific to each community.
● Distribution of First Aid & Hygiene Kits- Unique to each community, WHI provides the necessary supplies to ensure that immediate issues can be dealt with swiftly. This includes dental (toothbrush /toothpaste kits) as well as Female Hygiene kits, etc.
● Provides Resources and Filters for Clean Drinking Water – Through various types of water filters and other clean water resources and partners, WHI will work diligently to help bring clean water to those in need.
● Cancer Testing – WHI is partnering with various Cancer Testing NGOs in Peru to take active steps to ensure the people get proper cancer testing and education.
● Diabetes Testing & Education – WHI is taking active steps to educate rural and indigenous areas that have little or no knowledge of Diabetes, how to test for it and how to prevent it and what signs to look for. WHI is diligent in its efforts to deliver mobile Diabetes testing kits along with the proper education needed via its field medical teams.

In addition to its existing programs, one of WHIs Global Impact initiatives for 2025 is to expand its platform of health-related services as well as its existing programs to other underserved areas around the world.

WHI’s Educational Programs Includes:
● Basic Health- WHI’s basic health program concerns broader aspects of health, helping individuals make healthy choices, prevent sickness or injury, and reduce risky behaviors.
● Hygiene Education- WHI’s educational hygiene programs stem from the understanding that neglecting basic hygiene can lead to many preventable diseases. The knowledge and experiences gained from this program can significantly raise community self-awareness, helping to prevent many hazards before they occur.
● Nutrition and Wellness Education- WHI understands that regardless of healthcare quality, individuals can suffer from improper eating habits. Specific efforts will focus on children to help educate them and their parents on the nutritional value of different foods, methods of preservation, processing and handling, and preparation

World Health Initiatives is also proud to serve as Light & Green, a Los Angeles, CA based global manufacturer of Plaster LED architectural solutions, as its official Corporate Social Impact Partner. The partnership will help financially support some of WHI’s global effort to save lives as well as advise with ongoing sustainable global impact initiatives.

WHI will continue to expand the reach of its programs to other South American countries and, eventually, underserved communities worldwide, creating a world where healthcare is more readily available to everyone.

Founded in 2023, World Health Initiatives, Inc, a Federally Registered 501 c (3) strives to build a world where all individuals can receive quality healthcare regardless of location and economic status. For more information on WHI or to donate to the cause, please visit or contact us at [email protected]

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